Community Ambassador Program


What is CAP?

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest volunteer program!

The Community Ambassador Program (CAP) is focused on building trusted relationships between the community and stakeholders. We understand the impact that volunteers can have in the community and would like to provide volunteers an opportunity to work side-by-side with us through our latest program.

How can I be involved?

There are many ways for individuals to become involved. Our Community Ambassador Program will provide the unique opportunity to connect with community members through community events, public meetings, focus groups and much more!   

We have taken into consideration that volunteer commitments varies and people give back for different reasons. Therefore, we’ve created a program with any person’s amount of volunteer commitment in mind.   

Our Community Ambassador Program levels of service: 

Blue Star

  • Our Blue Stars are primarily suited for the student population. Volunteers will have the unique opportunity to engage first- hand with the community by volunteering for: tabling events, serving as event staff and assisting with logistics for different projects that Cortez Consulting supports. 

Silver Star

  • Our Silver Stars are best suited for members of community organizations that we work with hand in hand. These volunteers support the organization by participating in high-level coordination of projects and assist with recruiting or organizing volunteer assignments. They help carry out the mission of Cortez Consulting by being involved with the community where these projects may directly be impacting. 

Gold Star

  • Our Gold Stars are available for volunteers who want to be involved on a more consistent basis with the organization. They will serve as Volunteer Coordinators during events and will be advocates for carrying out the mission and philosophy of Cortez Consulting. Gold Stars will have the distinctive opportunity to conduct outreach, present on behalf of the organization and participate in event planning committees. Gold Stars will play a significant role by acting as a liaison on behalf of Cortez Consulting. 


CAP Informational Session

We’ll be hosting our first informational session. If you want to learn more, please RSVP below.

Wednesday, October 23


Cortez Consulting Offices