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We believe to make a difference, we must engage everyone.

What Makes Us Different?

We approach public engagement from an asset-based framework and analyze community benefits of your project to determine how to best deliver the information to the public. Additionally, we provide full-service outreach and marketing services. Our team provides support from the initial conceptual design to the execution of key deliverables such as logistics for public meetings. We value the importance of data and incorporate both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture public feedback and evaluate impact.

Inclusivity is central to our work and we encourage our clients to create materials in multiple languages. We provide materials in Spanish and can also provide translation services in other languages. More importantly, we approach engagement as educators. If you hire our team, we will bring to the table forward-thinking and creative ideas. We strive to provide innovative approaches to public engagement because we believe to make a difference in the community, we have to do things differently.

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Full List of Services

Public meeting facilitated by Cortez Consulting Services.

Public Meetings

We use inclusive engagement techniques to facilitate positive and productive community gatherings from the outreach stage to event execution. These meetings can range from formal project presentations to project showcases and involve engaging activities for the community.

Panel presentation facilitated by Cortez Consulting Services.

Panel of Discussion

We identify and invite industry experts to present on topics relevant to your project and the community. Panel of Discussion include a 1 to 1.5 hour for a presentation on a specific community issues or topics.

Image of marketing materials produced by Cortez Consulting Services


We work behind the scenes to market your public engagement projects using a wide range of traditional and digital marketing strategies. We design and create a full suite of marketing content for your project including website content, social media content, project flyers, event programs, street banners, and FAQ project sheets.

Cortez Consulting Services facilitating a stakeholder presentation.

Stakeholder Presentations

We use a variety of public engagement strategies to educate and gather community input on your project. We can present your project at community gatherings, neighborhood meetings, or special events. We provide information on the project and gather community feedback and concerns.

Cortez Consulting founder, Laura J. Cortez facilitating a community workshop.


We facilitate workshops to inform communities about specialized programs or to facilitate team building. These events are a space for community members to interact with you and each other in a small group setting.

Cortez Consulting team providing a radio promotion on Kazi 88.7FM.

Public Relations

We work behind the scenes to communicate your project’s impact by incorporating a wide range of online and traditional media outlets. Our public relations services include creating press releases, newspaper advertisements, and arranging radio and television appearances and interviews.

Cortez Consulting facilitating a community participate-led roundtable discussion.

Roundtables & Focus Groups

We facilitate participant-led discussions on key topics related to your project. Attendees are grouped together and provided topics to discuss over a set period of time. These gatherings typically include 1 to 1.5 hours for community members to share as well as report out on broader discussions.

Travis County Health and Human Services booth at local health and resource fair.

Health & Resource Fairs

We specialize in recruiting diverse exhibitors to bring services and information directly to the communities. We lead our field, by being one of the first organizations in Austin to provide Resource Fairs along side public meetings. Our fairs can be industry-focused and are family friendly.

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